Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog for Choice 2013 - WHO WE ARE & THANKS

Happy 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade from BSSRJ!

We will start posting at midnight on Jan 22, 2013, and will post one or two submissions each hour.  Make sure to check back, or sign up for emails on the right of this blog post ------------------------->

What is BSSRJ?

Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice (BSSRJ) is a coalition of pro-choice professional student groups that has a mission of promoting a multidisciplinary approach to reproductive justice. 

BSSRJ is made up of groups that seek full reproductive justice for every perosn.  We seek to build networks and alliances beyond our professional affiliations to deepen our understanding and our effectiveness.  

Our activities include:
  • Facilitating, promoting, and fostering collaborations and information sharing between the member organizations of the coalition and increasing knowledge of and access to local community RJ activists and organizations.
  • Supporting Boston and Massachusetts graduate programs without organized reproductive justice clubs that are trying to develop or create their own reproductive justice organization
  • Encouraging graduate students interested in reproductive justice to pursue activism, community service, and training in reproductive justice organizations and issues within or outside of the scope of their educational interests
  • Creating opportunities for the individual member organizations and other unaffiliated professional students to share and gather project/event ideas and to update each other on their reproductive justice related activities

Recently, BSSRJ has has become a pilot for the national organization, Professional Students Coalition for Reproductive Justice. BSSRJ includes many law, medical, nursing, and public health programs in Boston and Massachusetts. We are interested in inviting pharmacy, social work, religion, and other interested graduate students to join us. If your professional program want to join the BSSRJ network, email, or join our Facebook group.

BSSRJ would like to give a big shout-out to our cross-posters and collaborators on this project. Thanks for your support.
We would also like to thank our readers for caring about how much we care about the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade! 

Thanks everyone,

Lisa, Abbey, and Alice
Blog for Choice 2013 Team
Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice

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