Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog for Choice 2013: Reclaiming “Until Abortion Ends” in the New Year

Anonymous Guest Blogger (Member, BSSRJ) 
This post is part of Blog for Choice 2013, launched by Boston Students for Sexual and Reproductive Justice (BSSRJ).

In 2011, the I am Whole Life organization embarked on a new anti-choice campaign. “Until Abortion Ends” featured “protesters” (often young) in videos, photographs, Facebook posts—whatever, pledging to give up something they “loved” until legal and safe abortions came to an end.  Pro-choice critics like myself found this campaign not only ridiculous because its “righteous” youngsters were protesting a serious issue by giving up a piece of junk food, but also offensive for it’s anti-women, anti-choice, and anti-reproductive rights bull.  However, we could alternatively view this campaign as a missed opportunity for feminists, pro-choicers, and good people all around to bring recognition and action to some real issues still facing women and many men today.  So for 2013, I’ve decided we should bring back the “Until [Insert cause] Ends” campaign to focus on what we really care about. Some sample picket sign ideas follow:

Until rape ends.
Until incest ends.
Until poverty ends.
Until forced marriage ends.
Until domestic violence ends.
Until child sexual abuse ends.
Until modern day slavery ends.
Until male child preference ends.
Until unplanned pregnancy ends.
Until abstinence-only education ends.
Until others’ control of women’s bodies ends.
Until politicians regulating reproduction ends.
Until unequal access to birth control methods ends.

Instead of protesting abortion, maybe the above suggestions would be more worthy causes. A woman decides to have an abortion for a myriad of complex reasons.  Until all of these reasons end, we will always need access to safe, legal, affordable, and non-judgmental abortions. And until abortion ends, women will still have the choice and chance to make their own decisions about their bodies and lives. 

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